The South African timber industry is geographically dispersed and gathering people to attend a course or training is often expensive and in the case of pandemics often not safe (to gather in large numbers). In order to effectively and efficiently transfer skills and knowledge to, in particular, small scale timber growers, our team has developed an e-learning course that focuses on forestry or silviculture time study.  This course consolidates training material presented as part of an in-person outreach programme SU-FOR and WVU have done over the last +/- 5 years.

The course is based on the Moodle platform and is free to register and complete. The course will guide the user through;

  • The time study standards developed by SU-FOR and WVU,
  • Understanding time and time concepts,
  • Work measurement and study design,
  • Characterising the work area,
  • Understanding elements and breakpoints
  • Sample size calculations
  • How to record data, export and analyse these data, and
  • Machine costing

The course link and registration details are available at this LINK

Contact us at with any questions or issues.