Machine Time Study Elements

Click on the operation/machine of interest to view its time study elements

Harvesting Machines

1.1 Chainsaw:

1.2 Harvester:

1.3 Feller-buncher:

1.4 Skidder/agricultural tractor with winch or drawbar (a-frame or other):

1.5 Skidder (grapple):

1.6 Forwarder:

1.7 Loader (either tracked or wheeled):

1.8 Processor:

1.9 Truck (timber transport):

1.10 Yarder:

Silviculture Machines

2.1 Auger, mechanical:

2.2 Clearing saw, mechanical:

2.3 Disc, tractor drawn:

2.4 Mulcher, self-propelled or tractor-drawn:

2.5 Planter, tractor-drawn or machine mounted:

2.6 Pitting machine, Multi-pit:

2.7 Pitting machine, Single-pit:

2.8 Pruner (manual, pole or backpack):

2.9 Sprayer, tractor drawn or machine mounted:

2.10 Stump removing saw, self-propelled: