Terms Definitions
Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) compare one factors in 2 or more groups or correct for varability more than one variable
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) a) statisitcal tool that compares two or more unknown population means; b)  method for partitioning the total variation of the data into meaningful components, and comparing these different sources of variation  (Kozak, A. et al., 2008)
Basic Statistics Mean, Median, Minimum, Maximum, Standard Deviation Graphical, Histogram, Scatterplot
Block (blocking) grouping smaller more uniform experimental units in order to place qualitative, ordinal or nominal level factors into categories (Kozak, A. et al., 2008).
Block design technique where treatments are grouped depending on their attributes to create different categories (Cluwer and Scarisbrick, 2001).
Bonferroni test test preformed after the null hypothesis is rejected to indicate which of the means are different (Kozak, A. et al., 2008).
Cable skidder forestry machinary that is fitted with a cable drum to pull out cut trees from a site (