SU First Thursday Presentation Videos

Stellenbosch University Forestry hosts a webinar series on the first Thursday of each month covering a wide variety of topics related to forest operations and other forestry issues.  The archive recordings of these presentations are presented here. 

SU-FOR First Thursday - Unlocking CANBUS data to understand fuel burn and carbon emissions

Alberto Cadei, currently a Ph.D. student at the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Padua. He got an MS degree (cum laude) in Forest and ...Environmental Science at the University of Padua in 2019, with the thesis “Full-mechanized harvesting system in salvage logging operations in wind-throw area after the Vaia storm. Some case study in the norther-eastern Italian Alps”.

Since 2019 he is a PhD student, his PhD project is focusing on the eco-efficiency of salvage logging and wood transportation logistics in complex scenarios and the rule of primary and secondary
road network.

Alberto Cadei has authored and co-authored 7 papers (3 are indexed in Scopus/WoS); he co-supervised 7 degree thesis related to Forest Operations in non-ordinary conditions and the use of long-term monitoring. Additionally, he is the Technical Director of CONAIBO (National Association of Logging Contractors).

Alberto is part of a collaborative EU project - Carbon smart forestry under climate change (CARE4C) combines high level expertise and state of the art research in the context of carbon management in forests with advanced career building qualification by teaching, training, and involving ESR's. In a changing climate, we see the challenge that forestry needs to contribute to a low carbon-emitting society. Whilst forests sequester carbon, they simultaneously release carbon during forest operations. CARE4C aims at substantially expanding knowledge about carbon sink by forest growth and carbon source by forest operations in order to enable carbon smart forestry under climate change. He will be presenting the concepts and some work he has done regarding his PhD project.
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