SU First Thursday Presentation Videos

Stellenbosch University Forestry hosts a webinar series on the first Thursday of each month covering a wide variety of topics related to forest operations and other forestry issues.  The archive recordings of these presentations are presented here. 

Interview with Dwayne Marx - CEO of SAFCA

Dwyane has extensive experience in Forestry operations. He headed up a successful contracting business, forestry consulting, and a new company ‘Forestry Drones’. We will be having a discussion on ...SAFCA’s current demography and membership, the challenges related to both Covid practicalities and the resulting economic situation in the country, how these affected SAFCA members and how they can be dealt with going forward, the role of education in contributing to an entrepreneurial mindset in the industry, and what SAFCAs medium and longer term aspirations are.[+] Show More
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